How can I help you?

James Mucklestone is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Washington. As a former assistant city attorney in Seattle, James knows first hand where the weaknesses are for prosecuting traffic tickets. Specific tactics learned by continued court appearances will help defend you against traffic infractions, no matter where you are cited. You can be defended on a contested hearing, or a criminal driving charge, from Bellingham to the Oregon border or Port Townsend to Pullman.

James has his office in Arlington, north Snohomish County. Give a call to discuss your matter with James at 360-435-7744.

But if it is not the courtroom, but the ballroom where you need your help, James can help you there as well. James has competed internationally in ballroom dancing and can teach group classes for you and your friends or private lessons so you can learn without distraction. (Gentlemen, Amy Mucklestone is also a professional instructor available to teach, since you probably don't want to dance with her husband, James.) For more information, send e-mail to

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